Hepa S

Croatia: Zagrebački savez sportske rekreacije “Sport za sve” (Association for Sport Recreation City of Zagreb, Sport for All) – abbreviated “Sport for All.

Croatia: Fitnes učilište (Fitness academy)
Slovenia: Zavod za šport Ajdovščina (Institute of sport Ajdovščina)
Bulgaria: Асоциация за развитие на българския спорт (Bulgarian Sports Development Association – BSDA)
Serbia: Asocijacija „Sport za sve“
Portugal: Associação Desportiva Cultural e Social de Carvalhais (The “Carvalhais Social, Cultural and Sport Association” – ADCS Carvalhais)

Programme: Erasmus+ (Key Action: Sport)
Action Type: Collaborative Partnership
Duration: 01.01.2021.- 31.12.2022.
EU Grant: 331.435 EUR

OVERALL OBJECTIVE of this project is to encourage participation in recreational physical activity for seniors (persons age 65+) in project partner countries by developing new recreational sport programmes suited for 3 types of most common health conditions (back pain, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis) thereby supporting the implementation of the EU Physical Activity Guidelines.
The health benefits of physical activity (PA) for older adults have been well established in the scientific literature. Numerous outcomes have been studied to document associations with PA, including reduced prevalence of common chronic conditions (eg, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension), improved mental health (eg, depression, stress), quality of life, increased physical function, decreased cognitive decline (eg, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease) and reduced mortality rates.
Physical activity is at the core of health and well-being. The benefits of physical activity – including reduced risk of no communicable diseases and lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression – are well known. The social benefits of physical activity participation are often particularly important to older people. However, health promotion messages often target children and young people, with less focus on the importance of physical activity for people aged 60 years and over.
With this project we want to stimulate the physical activity of elderly to remain vital and healthy in mature years. Special attention will be aimed to older people in retirement homes, retired (pensioners’) associations, and elderly people who are at home.

THE SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES  of this project are:

  1. Raising awareness regarding benefits of participation in recreational PA for seniors (persons age 65+) in terms of social inclusion and health-enhancing;
  2. Analysing current HEPA guidelines in project countries and developing new Recommendations for implementing HEPA for seniors with emphasis on new developed exercises aimed at resolving back pain and on exercises adapted to persons with cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis using multi-sectoral approach;
  3. Strengthening the capacity of kinesiologists and trainers through non-formal education on new methodology for conducting recreational sport activities for seniors in project countries;
  4. Strengthening the capacity of general practitioners on benefits of participation of seniors in recreational sport activities
  5. Creating a network of main stakeholders (project partner organizations, kinesiologists and general practitioners), national and local sports committees, units of local (self) government and health institutions to exchange examples of good practice regarding the inclusion of seniors in recreational sport activities.

Target group of this project are sport for all coaches and fitness professionals (kinesiologists, trainers), general practitioners as well as older adults (65+). Training for seniors proposes new dimension in context of innovative exercises for seniors respecting their physical condition, limitations per age and physical ability (illness, health problems, disability etc.).

THE FINAL RESULT of this project will be development of a new Educational modules Manual for fitness professionals (kinesiologists, trainers) and general practitioners as well as Recommendations for future activities to promote recreational sport activities for seniors.

Module 1 for sport for all coaches, fitness professionals (kinesiologists, trainers) 
This module will cover non- formal education of sport for all coaches and fitness professionals (kinesiologists, trainers) on conducting recreational sport and PA for older people (65+). Within this specific module, we will develop general PA programme for older people (65+) suited for 3 types of most common health conditions  (back pain, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis). We will educate sport for all coaches and fitness professionals (kinesiologists, trainers) for conducting this programme and its specifics.
Module 2 for general practitioners – “Green Recipe – PA on prescription”
This module will be developed to ensure awareness raising of general practitioners (GP) on the importance of PA for older people (65+). They will be familiarized with module 1 and educated on importance of prescribing PA for prevention and for patients with medical conditions.The new network between general practitioners and sport organizations conducting recreational sport activities for elderly (65+) will assure that sport for all coaches and fitness professionals (kinesiologists, trainers) have an adequate information on participants health condition in order to involve them in proper, customized excercizes /PA activity which will enhance their physical condition.

Within this project and it’s cross-sector cooperation we have a clear aim: not only to prove significant meaning of physical activity impact on health, but based on checked and evaluated best practices, to create social innovation in PA usage for older people life quality.

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